Welkom op mijn nieuwe site

Welkom op mijn website. Vrolijke kerst en een mooi 2015 toegewenst!

Plum kerst 2


Cats have so many facets to their character, so many expressions. It is the infinite variety in the character of the cat that endears to us. It is elegant but eminently useful; it loves the warm hearth equally with the excitements of the chase. It is composed yet sensitive; it retains its independence yet is genuinely affectionate. It can be savage when need be, yet delicate and exquisite. Its talons can rend like a razor, yet it’s coat has the quality of silk. It has a sense of fun, yet a sense of decorum too. There is a moment when it becomes one breathing trembling purr and another when its voice is like that of a soul in torment. Its attitude towards us ranges from a soft lovingness that is more than merely animal, to that bland inscrutability we can never penetrate. It is this mixture of cosiness and mystery that is irresistible.

by Alan C. Jenkings, Introducing cats (1963)